“A daughter like Nicole will keep you thin” – Lionel Richie.

“A daughter like Nicole will keep you thin” – Lionel Richie.

The 66-year-old legendary singer is in better shape than ever, but says having to cope with his adopted daughter’s rebellious antics when she was younger is what kept his waistline skinny.

He laughed: ”I will give you Nicole Richie as a daughter and you’re going to be thin too. Her teenage years through her early 20’s, damn near tried to kill me.”

Nicole is now a mother-of-two and is happily married to musician Joel Madden. But she certainly went through her fair share of dramas when she was growing up.

She has been arrested three times, in 2002, 2003 and 2006, and even spent 82 minutes in jail in 2007 after admitting to driving under the influence of marijuana and the drug Vicodin.

Lionel also has another daughter, 17-year-old model Sofia, with wife Diane Alexander, and is hoping that her teenage years will be somewhat easier to deal with.


He joked during a chat with the New York Daily News: ”I have a gun… I am patrolling. I told her, ‘Nicole has already tried to kill me. Go back and talk to her and then don’t do that. That’s all. Don’t do that to me because I’m getting older and weaker as time goes on.”’