See The Reasons Why People Hate Ben Bruce’s Common Sense Revolution.

See The Reasons Why People Hate Ben Bruce’s Common Sense Revolution.

An article from Leadership Newspaper with the title “The Hypocrisy In Ben Bruce’s Common Sense Revolution” is a long and senseless attack on the person of Ben Bruce instead of focusing on why we should or should not embrace the “Common Sense Revolution”, one can say that the writer was either paid to write or lacked common sense in general.

History will never forget how Ben Bruce Revolutionalised our dead Cinema industry by introducing a world class cinema experience to Nigerians, he also played a major role in the setting up of a world-class shopping mall in Nigeria.

I am not here to write about the man Ben Bruce but am here to write about his project “The Common Sense Revolution ” and without taking much of your time, perhaps lets talk about his haters who are mostly youths…Sadly, speaking with all sincerity that the youths of Nigeria are the biggest problem we have. They destroy our image abroad and hail those oppressing us in this country, they practice sit-down-look while the country sinks. The Ben Bruce project presents a great opportunity for the youths to have a voice and impact yet just as always our dear youth are using social media to attack his personality, to them this is fun…SMH

When Bruce speaks about Common Sense they are quick to ask where he was all this while? well he wasn’t a Senator before and his voice will mean more and carry more weight now that he seats in the chamber rather than an aimless rant… Is that not common sense? If you fall into the category of those that ask the silly question of “were has he been all this while” then you lack a reasonable amount of common sense. The other argument would be his business (The Cinema) charge 1500 for pop corn yet he talks about Common sense, Ben Bruce is a businessman set to make profit he is not running a Not For Profit Organisation…If you fall into the category of those that talk about his pop corn then you are in a great need of common sense too. If you don’t like his pop corn go and get it somewhere else and stop complaining like a baby.

Truth must be told no matter which form it takes, and now is the right time…for all those blessed with the rare gift of common sense will agree that THEIR IS NO FAULT IN ALL THE COMMON SENSE OUTLINED BY BEN BRUCE even his haters know this but chose to attack his personality instead.

Nigeria will be great again the moment we the youths of this country begin to activate our God given common sense.